IELTS Cue Card 6 – The Perfect Vacation

IELTS speaking part 2 cue card the perfect vacation

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 IELTS speaking part 2 cue card

Model Answer

I’d like to talk about my idea of a perfect vacation. As I live in Spain, I normally like to visit cities when I go on vacation, to soak up some different types of culture. Of course, there is plenty of culture here on this lovely little piece of paradise, but every now and again I need to leave and visit a busy bustling city. My perfect vacation would probably lead me to New York. 

I have visited New York once and I can’t wait to return, the noise, the lights and the non-stop energy of the city makes it a great place to go. I would visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and The Met Museum to see both traditional and modern art, before planning my way through the city. Visiting Central Park, 5th Avenue to window shop, Times Square, The Rockefeller Centre and even the Statue of Liberty. There are other places I would like to visit, which include the Natural History Museum, the sex and the city tour and to see a Broadway show. I would also like to see the restaurant close to Times Square that is decorated like a 1950’s diner, where the waiters and waitresses get up on the tables to sing. I have heard they are all amazing and the experience is one that you will never forget. 

When I visit again, I will take my husband as he has never been before. he really enjoys travelling and seeing new places, he enjoys looking at famous architecture, so I know that he will want to visit the Empire State building and ground zero, where the twin towers used to be. We could also sample the food whilst in the city, with breakfast in art deco diners, lunch from small cafes in the park and dinner in a different place every night. 

This would be my idea of a perfect vacation because it allows us to have a different lifestyle for a week, which is a refreshing change from the quiet, but stunning place we live in now. I like to feel inspired from my vacations, visiting places that give me ideas and make me feel energised. New York is such an amazing city that you can feel the buzz around you of people living their lives. Visiting a busy city like this, makes a vacation feel exciting and full of energy, which is ideal in my perspective.


This is a strong answer, as there are examples given of what, where, who and why. The topic has been fully discussed, with additional information added that was not prompted by the bullet points. There are various tenses and structures used, for the past and present. There is also evidence of collocations being used and a high level of vocabulary.

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