Describe a wedding ceremony you attended: IELTS Speaking Part 2 / IELTS Cue Answer

Describe a wedding ceremony you attended.

You should say:

  •  when and where it was
  •  who were getting married
  •  what happened at the wedding

and explain what type of wedding ceremony it was.

Sample Response:

A few summers ago, I attended a truly enchanting wedding ceremony set in the countryside of Tuscany, Italy. The wedding took place in a rustic vineyard overlooking the sprawling hills and lush vine rows, painting a picturesque scene as the sun set in a blaze of oranges and purples.

The bride, Maria, and the groom, Lorenzo, were old college friends of mine. We’d spent countless hours together during our university years, forging a bond of deep friendship. Hence, their wedding was a nostalgic gathering of many such friends, reuniting after years.

The ceremony began with a traditional Italian processional. Musicians played soft, romantic tunes on violins and guitars as the bridal party made its entrance. Maria, in her flowing white gown with delicate lace detailing, looked ethereal, while Lorenzo, in his crisp black suit, couldn’t contain his joy. They exchanged vows under a floral arch, with a backdrop of the sprawling vineyard and the sun dipping below the horizon.

After the formalities, the celebration shifted to a reception under a canopy of twinkling fairy lights. Traditional Italian dishes, from antipasti to rich pastas and roasted meats, were served. As is customary in Italian weddings, there was an abundance of food, wine, and lively music. The highlight was the Tarantella, a traditional Italian folk dance, where everyone joined in, dancing and laughing.

The ceremony was a beautiful amalgamation of Italian traditions with a modern touch. It wasn’t just a wedding; it was a celebration of love, culture, friendship, and the joy of life.

Recommended Vocabulary:

  1. Enchanting: Delightfully charming or attractive.
  • Example: The enchanting music from the harp lulled her to sleep.
  1. Rustic: Characterized by simplicity and charm, and having a rural atmosphere or style.
  • Example: The cabin had a rustic appeal with its log walls and stone fireplace.
  1. Ethereal: Extremely delicate, light, and not of this world.
  • Example: The ballet dancer’s ethereal movements mesmerized the audience.
  1. Processional: A musical composition played as a prelude or during a procession.
  • Example: The processional hymn set a solemn mood for the ceremony.
  1. Amalgamation: The process of combining or uniting multiple entities into one form.
  • Example: The film is an amalgamation of comedy, drama, and romance.
  1. Antipasti: Traditional Italian starter dishes, usually consisting of olives, anchovies, cheeses, and meats.
  • Example: The antipasti platter was a delightful mix of flavors and textures.
  1. Tarantella: A rapid whirlpool or dance originating from southern Italy.
  • Example: The crowd clapped along to the fast-paced rhythm of the Tarantella.
  1. Nostalgic: Experiencing or showing feelings of longing for past times or places.
  • Example: Listening to old songs always makes me feel nostalgic.
  1. Sprawling: Spreading out over a large area in an untidy or random manner.
  • Example: The city’s sprawling suburbs seemed to stretch endlessly.
  1. Ethereal: Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.
    • Example: The dancer’s ethereal performance left the audience spellbound.
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