Describe your favourite animal: IELTS Speaking Part 2 / IELTS Cue Answer

Describe your favourite animal.

You Should Say:

  •     what kind of animal it is
  •     describe it briefly
  •     why you like this animal

and describe why it is your favourite animal.

Sample Response:

My favourite animal has always been the majestic dolphin. Belonging to the cetacean species, dolphins are primarily marine mammals, although some of them inhabit freshwater environments. Their sleek, streamlined bodies, generally grey in colour with varying shades, allow them to glide through water gracefully. Sporting a dorsal fin and a pair of pectoral fins, dolphins have a playful yet poised appearance.

Dolphins are not only beautiful but also incredibly intelligent creatures. They possess advanced cognitive abilities, display a range of emotions, and can even use tools in their surroundings. They are known for their intricate social behaviours, often observed forming close-knit groups or pods. Dolphins communicate through a series of clicks and whistles, and it’s fascinating how they demonstrate empathy and even mourn the loss of their fellow dolphins.

My affinity for dolphins stems from their playful nature combined with their profound intelligence. Having had the chance to witness them in the wild, their acrobatic displays, leaps, and spins always fill me with awe. Moreover, stories of dolphins rescuing humans at sea have further deepened my admiration for them. Their empathetic nature, social bonds, and joyous spirits make them stand out among the myriad of animals.

In conclusion, dolphins represent a blend of grace, intelligence, and playfulness. Their innate ability to connect with their kind, as well as other species, including humans, makes them my favourite animal. Every encounter or story involving a dolphin reminds me of the beauty, wonder, and depth of the animal kingdom.

Recommended Vocabulary:

  1. Majestic: Having grandeur or beauty that inspires admiration or awe.
  • Example: The majestic mountains stood tall against the horizon.
  1. Cetacean: A marine mammal of the order Cetacea; includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises.
  • Example: The blue whale, being the largest animal on earth, is a cetacean.
  1. Streamlined: Designed to offer little resistance to the flow of fluid, especially by having a sleek, graceful shape.
  • Example: The car’s streamlined design made it more fuel-efficient.
  1. Cognitive: Relating to the mental processes of perception, memory, and information processing.
  • Example: Cognitive skills are crucial for tasks that involve problem-solving or decision-making.
  1. Intricate: Having many complexly arranged elements; detailed.
  • Example: The intricate patterns on the pottery were a testament to the artisan’s skill.
  1. Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
  • Example: Showing empathy in difficult times can provide comfort to someone in distress.
  1. Acrobatic: Performing, involving, or adept at spectacular gymnastic feats.
  • Example: The acrobatic stunts of the gymnasts left the audience in rapt attention.
  1. Affinity: A spontaneous liking or sympathy for someone or something.
  • Example: She has an affinity for classical music.
  1. Myriad: A countless or innumerable number.
  • Example: The night sky was dotted with a myriad of stars.
  1. Innate: Inborn or natural.
    • Example: Her innate talent for singing was evident from a young age.
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