Essay on Importance of Farming Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading passage Essay on Importance of Farming

Essay on Importance of Farming

Farming in simple words refers to the act of cultivating food, crops, and livestock. It has been an art for years as it requires one’s ability and dedication towards agriculture. Farming is a key to the existence of living beings on earth and consumption is directly dependent on the production of farming. From having finished products from industries to direct products from the field, farming has been the source for raw as well as finished materials. The importance of farming is not just for existence for human beings, but also to safeguard the wildlife on earth. It has been an economic opportunity as well as physical activity for people.

Having said agriculture as an art of cultivation, it is an activity of working in the field on earth by planting saplings, seeds and growing them into a plant. The practice of agriculture exists since ancient Egypt. Horticulture and animal husbandry has also been a key component of farming. It has been a major economic activity for decades and still covers most of the economy in developing and agricultural countries. We follow subsistence farming from an ancient period by using traditional techniques and tools. With the advancement, people adopted plantation agriculture that focussed on cash crops for economic purposes. As the world entered into the modern era, shifting agriculture has been in practice to use the limited resources for higher production by shifting the category of crops they cultivate. There should be the encouragement of the use of modern equipment and technology to increase production.

Food has been a basic requirement for living beings on earth. We cannot imagine our life without food. Food is the outcome of farming in the form of agriculture and cattle rearing. The nutrients and balanced diet for a human body, as well as wildlife, are being looked after by farming. The life cycle on earth is also regulated by farming. In the absence of farming, sources of food would be a problem and living beings would die starving on earth. The dedication and time directed towards farming by the people who take them as their occupation and have been able to fulfill the basic need of living things. We cannot think of herbivorous existence as well as carnivorous or omnivorous animals in the absence of farming. Thus, it has been an opportunity for the utilization of local resources like field, lands, and local power too.

Taking agriculture into the advanced term as farming, it has been an art as well as an occupation for people. The economic activity has been acting as a source of food, cereals as well as raw materials for industries. The finished products of the industries depend upon the cultivation of crops. For example, sugar factories demand sugarcane as a crop whereas tobacco is what comes because of farming. Similarly, animal husbandry has been a source for milk with proper utilization of milk products, modified, and brought to the market by industries. In this way, economic opportunities are being created in the world. Farming can direct the economy of a country in various ways. Farming eliminated the condition of unemployment and underemployment where females can use leisure for something productive.

As a whole, farming has been an art of raising stocks and cultivating lands for the fulfillment of hunger for living things on earth. It has been an effort or an activity that demands physical power as well as modern technology for higher cultivation creating an adverse effect on the existence of living beings. In addition to this, farming also contributes to the balance of environmental aspects. Industrial farming might be a bit more inclined towards profit but it serves for the existence of a growing population. It also helps in the maintenance of a healthy body for an individual by consumption of fresh crops and necessary physical effort. Thus, we must adore the farmers and appreciate their work as high recognition.


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