Speaking Part 1 – Fashion

In this post, you will see one of the most common IELTS speaking topics (fashion) and sample answers.

Please remember that in the actual test you should give honest answers and talk about your own experiences, thoughts, feelings and opinions. Do not try to memorise answers, as the examiners will probably be able to guess and you will lose marks.

However, you are able to make up information to extend your answers, but be sure that you are confident when speaking about the chosen topic and that it is believable.

TIP >> Each answer should be at least 2-3 sentences long.

TIP >> Listen carefully to the question so that you answer in the correct tense. 

TIP >> When answering a yes/no question – answer then give your reasons for your answer. You must extend your answer to gain more marks. 

TIP >> Just relax and think of it as a regular conversation you are having, make eye contact and be positive. 

Take a look at the questions and sample answers below on the topic of ‘fashion‘ >>

Q: Do you like to wear watches?

A: Not really, I only really wear one when I travel, so that I can keep an eye on the time. I don’t want to be late and miss a flight!

Q: Why do people like expensive watches?

A: They probably see it as a status symbol, the same as having a designer handbag or other expensive accessories. To show to others their wealth and position. On the other hand, they may need it to have special capabilities, which would make it cost more. For example, the apple watch, which can work in sync with your other devices. 

Q: Do you like shoes?

A: yes of course! I love shoes, from comfortable trainers, winter boots and pretty summer sandals.

Q: Have you ever bought shoes online?

A: No, I prefer to buy my shoes in a store, because I need to try them on and see how they fit. Buying shoes online can be risky, as they may be larger or smaller in size. Then if you don’t want to keep them, you have the hassle of returning them. 

Q: Do you prefer comfortable or good-looking shoes?

A: That depends on the occasion! For everyday activities, like walking the dog I would choose comfortable shoes, like trainers or sandals. But for an event or special outing, I would wear something a bit more fancy, like heels or high wedges. They have to coordinate with my outfit of course!

Q: Do people own too many shoes?

A: In my opinion, it depends on the person, as for me, I own many shoes, including sandals, trainers and boots. Depending on a persons lifestyle and habits, a large shoe collection is normally necessary for the different weather conditions we experience through the year, as well as going to different events and completing various activities. 

Q: Do you think wearing a hat on sunny days is important?

A: Yes of course! Wearing a hat gives you added protection against the suns harmful rays. 

Q: Did you wear a hat as a child? Why?

A: Yes, I always wore a hat when the sun was out, as I am fair skinned and burn easily. My parents wanted to make sure I was protected from the sun. Children have much fairer skin, so need added protection from the suns rays. 

Q: What is the importance of a hat?

A: You can easily burn your head and face in the sun without any protection, especially when walking around. Wearing a hat can help you to stay cool and for your face to have some shade. 

Q: Do you like bags?

A: Yes! I have quite a few bags at home, all for various occasions. They range in size, from large to small, some are more expensive than others, as I have a love for buying tan leather bags. 

Q: What types of bags do you like?

A: At the moment I really love bags by the brand Coccinelle, they are so pretty, with small leather bags in a range of neutrals and pastel colours. I recently bought a tan leather small handbag which is great for travelling light. 

Q: Do you usually carry a bag (when you go out)?

A: Absolutely! I need to carry lots of things with me when I go anywhere, so need to have a bag for my phone, wallet, keys and other necessary items. The items change, depending on where I am going.

Q: Do you have different bags for different occasions (or, different purposes)?

A: Yes, I have large tote bags for work, a large beach bag, a tan leather backpack for shopping and errands, a laptop bag and small leather bags for various occasions. I also have a collection of beaded clutch bags, which add a touch of sparkle to any evening outfit!

Q: What do you put in these bags?

A: Depending on where I am going, I may take my laptop, books, iPad, documents and snacks to work. If I am going to the beach, the beach bag will be loaded with sunscreen, towels, a scarf and my e-reader. For walking the dog, my bag must include dog treats. Normally when I go shopping, my bag just contains my phone, wallet and keys. 

Q: What sorts of bags do women like to buy?

A: I think that women buy practical bags for going to work and the gym, but allow themselves to become more creative when choosing bags for different occasions. Leather over the shoulder bags in neutral colours like black or tan are timeless and will never go out of fashion. I also think that if they can afford it, women like to treat themselves to designer bags, for quality and of course luxury.

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