IELTS Speaking Cue Card 1 – Sport

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Model Answer

I think it’s important to exercise every day or at least three times per week, so I like to walk every morning and swim as often as I can. I learned to swim when I was at school and since then regularly visited the indoor pool, then when I moved to Spain I was going swimming nearly every day in the summer months. In the winter I like to go to an indoor pool, as it is heated and of course protects you from the elements outside. 

There are many beaches close to my house, with crystal clear waters, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and hotels with large swimming pools, so I have a good choice of places to visit for a swim. I like to go to the pool when it is quiet, or the sea when it is calm. The clear salt waters are good for your health and it’s great to swim alongside the fish. 

I used to go to a lot of classes in the UK, including Zumba and body combat. I had an accident during a body combat class and broke a bone in my foot, which meant that swimming and cycling were the only options open to me for a while. My doctor encouraged me to go swimming regularly, as he said the salt water would help my foot to heal and obviously to keep up my exercise routine. I really enjoyed swimming, so just kept doing it even after my foot had healed. Swimming keeps me fit and healthy as it is an all over body workout, using all of the muscles it is a great way to do cardiovascular exercise.


This is a strong answer, as there is background given and the topic has been fully discussed. There are various tenses and structures used, for the past and present. The notes have prompts and keywords so that the topic could flow and include all of the given points from the cue card. 

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