IELTS Speaking Cue Card 2 – A Place You Visited When You Were A Child

IELTS speaking part 2 cue card a place you visited when you were a child

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Cue Card 2 - A Place You Visited When You Were A Child

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Model Answer

I’d like to talk about a place I visited with my parents when I was about 10 years old in 1990. We went to the Lake District in Cumbria one summer. This is a lovely place, full of green fields, hills and of course lakes. It was about a 2-hour drive from our house and one into the countryside, the surrounding areas just became more and more beautiful to see. 

In the summer, it is the perfect weather for exploring the lakes, from Lake Windermere to Grasmere, we explored the surrounding areas, with a visit to Beatrix Potters house, which is a National Trust owned property and also to the poet William Wordsworth’s house. I was very interested in reading when I was younger and enjoyed visiting the former homes of these well-known writers.  

There are also many hiking trails in the Lake District, over the fells and beyond. We walked a great deal, with a map and a compass to guide us and even stopped for a picnic on the top of a hill. I enjoyed walking in the hills, learning about each area and how to read a map. 

I would definitely visit the Lakes again and would like to see how the areas have changed since I was last there. I would also like to visit Beatrix Potters house again, now that I am older, I think I would appreciate it more. She is a very inspiring author and illustrator and I love that she was inspired by the nature and animals around her.  I would also like to stay in a hotel near to Lake Windermere and if the weather is good, hire a boat and sail around to enjoy the surrounding nature.

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This is a strong answer, as there are examples given of where, when and why. The topic has been fully discussed, with additional information added that was not prompted by the bullet points, with information being added, from the memories of visiting the places mentioned. There are various tenses and structures used, for the past and present. There is also evidence of collocations being used and a high level of vocabulary.

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