An Object You Own That Is Important- IELTS Speaking Cue Card 3

IELTS speaking part 2 cue card an object you own that is important

In this post, you will see a sample cue card questionhigh-level answer and feedback

Describe and object that you own

Model Answer

I’d like to talk about my laptop, which is a high-end MacBook pro. I bought this laptop when I realise that my older MacBook and my iMac were both very slow and became a chore to use. I researched the Macs online before I decided to get the best choice for me and it was a really good choice. I use it every day for work and it is really fast and able to connect to many programmes simultaneously.

I mainly use my laptop at my desk when I work during the day, it connects to a larger monitor and I work between two screens. I love how versatile it is though, for example when I travel I can easily take it with me or if I am ill, I can work from my bed. If I had chosen a desktop iMac, I would have been restricted to the use of it, in one place only. Having a laptop makes like easier when you move around a lot for work. In my opinion, it is the best tool I have for my working day, it connects me to my email accounts, clients, students and various other sites. I can also complete video calls effortlessly with the built in HD camera. I’m quite protective over my laptop and would never loan it to anyone to use it, as I use it so often myself, because It is my most prized possession.

If for any reason my laptop was not working, it would be very difficult for me to complete my work and so it is a very important object for me to be able to survive and complete my tasks. It is also a great learning tool when paired with internet use, I can research and learn a great number of things daily. It has quite a high monetary value which means that it is important as a possession but also as something that I covet because of how much I use it and need it to run my daily activities. Without it, I would be lost and I would be straight down to the apple store to get a replacement.


This is a strong answer, as there are examples given of why and how this object is important. The topic has been fully discussed, with additional information added that was not prompted by the bullet points. There are various tenses and structures used, for the past and present. There is also evidence of collocations being used and a high level of vocabulary.

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