IELTS Cue Card 4 – A Job That Is Considered Important In Your Country

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Model Answer

I’d like to talk about a job that I think is very important for everyone all over the world and that is the role of people in the medical profession. Doctors, nurses and all of the specialists that make up the healthcare systems have such an important role in society. They heal, nurture and save the lives of many people on a daily basis. Without these professionals, many people would suffer and medicine would not be moving forward at the rate it is today. 

Doctors and other people in the medical profession require years of training at university before getting ‘hands on’ training in hospitals or GP practices. Many years of study and training is required for the very skilled, often continuing to study all through their career. For example, surgeons who specialise in niche areas will continue to study and teach even after they are fully qualified. The type of people that want to be in the medical profession are those who want to help people, academic and motivated. Some choose this profession as a way to solidify their career prospects and know that once qualified, their careers will grow in strength, making them secure financially. They also have huge job satisfaction knowing that every day they are helping others.

The skilled workers in the medical profession can help the country by providing a service that benefits the people who live there. By offering a good healthcare system, the country will be considered as a leader in government systems, with the quality of health care provided for free. Private medical care offered to those who can afford it is often supplied and uses doctors who specialise in certain areas, who work between all healthcare providers.

The role of doctors and nurses is really important in all areas of the profession, as society needs them. They are often overworked and underpaid for what they do, always giving and going that extra mile because they truly care for the well-being of others. In my opinion, society would crumble without this service and many people would not be taken care of or healed by those with the knowledge and skills to do so.

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This is a strong answer, as there are examples given of why and how this type of job is important. The topic has been fully discussed, with additional information added that was not prompted by the bullet points. There are various tenses and structures used, for the past and present. There is also evidence of collocations being used and a high level of vocabulary.

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