IELTS Cue Card 11 – Describe A Restaurant You Enjoyed Going To

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Model Answer

I’d like to talk about a restaurant that I have visited with my family that is close to our hearts, as it is owned by close friends of my husbands family. This restaurant is a traditional Greek restaurant that is located right on a beach and built overlooking the sea. It is in such a beautiful location that it is very popular with both locals and tourists on the island where I live. 

I have visited this restaurant with my family many times before and we return regularly to eat there. They serve all kinds of fresh fish and traditional Greek dishes. My favourite dish is the kokkinisto, which is beef cooked in a red wine sauce, served with rice or potatoes. My husband also enjoys this dish, but he prefers to order the fresh fish, which is usually caught by his friend who works there and is also one of the local policemen. They have an abundant supply of fish, crab, squid and shellfish, they also have a fish pool there, where they keep a supply of sea bream and tanks with lobsters. 

This restaurant has a very special place in our hearts because it is where I got married. Friends and family came together to transform the restaurant into a beach side paradise for our wedding celebrations. The food that they served during the wedding was excellent, with a starter of Greek salad and a meat meze, the main course was lamb cooked on a spin outside, with vegetables, and potatoes. Then, for dessert, there were fruit plates and plenty of wedding cake. The food was so delicious that everyone commented on how good it was and how much they had enjoyed it. 

The Mediterranean food served in this restaurant is always fresh and cooked by a chef who has years and years of experience making these traditional dishes. The atmosphere there is wonderful and relaxing, with a regular crowd of people who visit. Everybody is made to feel welcome and like they are a part of the family. If anyone was looking for recommendations for places to eat when visiting the island, I would not hesitate to send them there. 


This is a high-level answer, as there are concrete words being used to tell a story and answer the why, who, where and what questions. Words and phrases are used to describe thoughts and feelings. The bullet points have been covered with the extra information given (examples), which extends the answer. Collocations, plurals and idioms have also been used correctly.

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