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Model Answer

I’d like to talk about a small business idea that I have been considering for a while and that is to open a craft cafe. I would like to rent a property in a popular area where I live, with enough space for a coffee bar, tables inside, a workshop in the back and an outside seating area. This would be a creative environment, for people to come and spend time with their friends or on their own to make something and have a coffee. 

The creative space inside would have a workshop area where classes could be held regularly, with those attending paying a small fee. Materials would be available for people to knit, crochet or draw. People could donate craft items too, on a sharing basis, for example, if you bring something to share, you can take something in return. This would encourage people to meet fellow makers and make new friends in the community. So many people now are into crafting that there has been a surge in craft classes in local communities. This cafe would be a  dedicated craft cafe space.

I would like to start this business in the next five years if possible, starting out with a small property and then possibly expanding into a larger space if the profits allow. The next step would be to create a learning centre next to the workshop so that people could also learn other skills and attend courses there. I have not yet had the time or money to start this business, as quite a lot of money would be needed to rent and renovate a space. I am still looking for the ‘perfect’ property to do this in, as I have in my thoughts somewhere that is small and looks like it would fit into an old English village. 

I would like to open a craft cafe so that fellow minded people could meet up and share their skills and knowledge with other crafters. People in the community with various skills could run workshops so that people who wish to learn something new have the opportunity. In my area, there are no classes like this or any opportunity for people to learn new skills in crafts. Bringing people together in this way is a grat idea and would certainly be welcomed by the large crafting community that already exists. 

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This is a high-level answer, as there are concrete words being used to tell a story (the story behind the craft cafe idea). Words and phrases are used to describe thoughts and feelings. The bullet points have been covered with the extra information given (examples), which extends the answer. The answer also includes collocations and the correct use of pronouns.

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  1. Here its written “I’m still looking for the perfect property to do this in,as I have in my thoughts somewhere that is small and looks like it would fit into an old English village ”
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