IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions – Sport

IELTS speaking part 3 questions about sport

In this post, you will see one of the most common IELTS speaking topics for part 3 (Sport) and sample answers.

Please remember that in the actual test you should give honest answers and talk about your own experiences, thoughts, feelings and opinions. Do not try to memorise answers, as the examiners will probably be able to guess and you will lose marks.

However, you are able to make up information to extend your answers, but be sure that you are confident when speaking about the chosen topic and that it is believable.

TIP >> Listen to the questions the examiner asks you and think about the structure of the question. Are they asking your for your opinion? or to say how something has changed from the past to the present?

TIP >> Learn about the most commonly asked question types used in the part 3 questions. This will help you to identify how you should respond and what to look out for when you are practising.

TIP >> It is common for many people to say ‘I don’t know’ or to lose focus when they get a question they know little about. Always answer the questions and if you feel as though you don’t know about the topic, then buy yourself some time by saying; ‘I haven’t really thought about that before…. but in my opinion……’ then give your opinion, etc. 

TIP >> Don’t try to answer the questions as quickly as possible, take your time and answer them to the best of your ability. Give your opinion, the reasoning behind it and support with specific examples. 

Take a look at the questions and sample answers below on the topic of ‘Sport‘ >>

Q: Why are some sports fans so passionate?

A: I think that they really connect with the sport and their hometown, so it has a special meaning for them. I know that in my home city, the people who live there are so supportive of the football team and they have a huge following. They are so proud of the team and love the fact that they are ambassadors for the city, representing it on an international level. 

Q: Is there any violence at sporting events in your country?

A: Unfortunately, there is, and there now has to be a heavy police presence at most football games. The worst cases in the past have been the home games, when the neighbouring city rivals play and the fans want to cause trouble, by fighting and causing harm to city property. The police deploy the horse guards to keep the peace and sometimes send in the armed police if things get really bad. I always avoid going into the city if I know there are any football games on that day. 

Q: Should athletes be better role models?

A: I think so yes, many people including children look up to these sports stars and when they do reckless things, it has an impact. For example, if they are seen driving dangerously in their sports cars, then people seem to think this is ok and that other people can act like this. There are good role models there too, for instance, David Beckham does a lot for charity and has a children’s football academy.

Q: What benefits do international sporting events bring?

A: They can bring a huge influx of tourism into the country, boosting the economy. This has happened many times recently with the recent boxing match in Las Vegas is an example, many people visited and wanted to see that fight. I think that they also promote the country they are in, allowing people to see what it is like if the event is televised. 

Q: Is it important for a country to win lots of medals?

A: I haven’t really thought about that before, but I think that it does give a country status and can help to raise its profile in the media. For example, when the UK wins any gold medals, it is always heavily promoted in the news and those athletes are given star status. They help to raise the profile of the country and show other places that they can win and be on top. 

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