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IELTS writing task 2 common topics

In this post, we will look at the common topics that are seen again and again in the IELTS writing task 2 test. Students often ask if the questions are repeated year after year and the answer is no, but the topics are. There are so many questions written each year, you may find you practice answering various questions on different topics. For example, you could write essays to answer questions about education or the environment, which benefits you because you learn vocabulary associated with those topics and develop ideas that can help you in your writing test.

Practicing writing IELTS task 2 essays on a range of topics is a great way to learn new vocabulary for those topics, but also to practice your essay structures. You begin to develop your ideas around those topics, thinking of examples and giving your opinions. 


The list below shows you the common topics that are seen every year. 

common IELTS writing task 2 topics

There is quite a range of writing task 2 topics, with many subtopics. Take a look at the list below and look for questions in each area when you are completing your IELTS preparation >


  • Government legislation
  • Environmental problems
  • Climate Change
  • Animals


  • Obesity
  • Hospitals
  • The elderly
  • Funding
  • Poor countries vs rich countries
  • Health education
  • Exercise


  • The rise of technology
  • Subjects/curriculum changes
  • Uniforms
  • The role of teachers
  • Discipline
  • Funding
  • Rules


  • Change to laws
  • Rules that affect groups of individuals
  • International laws
  • Benefits to individuals and society
  • Funding


  • Poverty
  • Overpopulation
  • Homelessness
  • Modern lifestyles
  • Funding
  • Public services


  • Youth crime
  • Punishment
  • Repeat offenders
  • Major vs minor crimes
  • Prisons


  • The role of technology in our lives/in society
  • The internet
  • Social media
  • Children online / safety measures
  • Hacking/data protection


  • World spending
  • Cash vs credit cards
  • Economic progress and success


  • Technology
  • Family
  • Social media
  • Types of personalities
  • Characters in society


  • Women in the workplace
  • The role of the employee
  • Employer vs employee issues
  • Types of jobs
  • Salary
  • Equality

Family and Children

  • Family roles
  • Family size
  • Role models
  • Discipline (parents to children)
  • Education


  • Different forms of transport
  • Comparisons
  • Problems
  • Environmental issues


  • Culture differences
  • Travelling benefits/drawbacks
  • Meeting people
  • Forms of travel

There are many other topics that you can also prepare for, including art, business, marketing, sport, reading, language and food/diet.


TIP >> When you are preparing for your IELTS writing task 2 test, practice answering questions on topics that you find difficult, as this is really good practice. 

TIP >> Learn vocabulary associated with the topic. Make word lists and learn the meanings of those words. 

TIP >> Read around the topic, take a look at news websites or journals and read about these topics. What is happening in the news? Can the news stories give you ideas for examples that you can use in your essay? 

TIP >> Listen to TED Talks, podcasts, the news or documentaries related to the common topics and develop ideas, vocabulary and your opinions. 

TIP >> Practice talking about these topics with a friend. Ask them their opinion about something you have seen in the news and give them your opinion, discuss the latest news and events related to the common topics.

We hope you found this post useful in helping you to study for the IELTS Test. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below or on the Facebook page.

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