Places: IELTS Cue Card Topics

The IELTS Speaking section provides a wonderful opportunity for candidates to explore their descriptive skills, especially when it comes to talking about ‘Places’. This category demands an intricate and vivid description of geographical locations, cities, countries, or specific sites that you’ve visited, experienced or dream of exploring in the future.

To practice with past questions, please look at Speaking Part 2 in more detail.

Places: IELTS Cue Card Topics

Exploring ‘Places’ in the IELTS Speaking Section

The ‘Places’ category presents an array of interesting topics which can range from ‘Describe a city you have visited and liked’, ‘Describe a beautiful place you have been to’, to ‘Describe a memorable trip’. Here, the emphasis is on your ability to express your thoughts about a place, describe its visual aspects, recount personal experiences related to it, and communicate your feelings and ideas effectively.

As you speak about a place, you may need to discuss the location’s features, your impressions, experiences or memories associated with it, and why it stands out for you. The aim is to take your examiner on a virtual tour, making them visualize and feel the essence of the place through your words.

To practice with past questions, please look at Speaking Part 2 in more detail.

Guide to Discussing ‘Places’ in the IELTS Speaking Section

To excel in this category, focus on providing a detailed, engaging, and coherent narrative. Be descriptive yet concise, using an assortment of adjectives and adverbs. Structure your response well, beginning with an introduction, followed by the main body where you give your detailed description, and finally, wrap it up neatly with a conclusion.

Another essential element is your use of tenses. While talking about past visits, use past tenses, and for future plans, use future tenses. Always remember, your ability to use tenses correctly will be evaluated by the examiner.

Sample ‘Places’ Topics

To help you prepare, here are a few sample ‘Places’ topics:

  1. Describe a City You Have Visited and Liked: Talk about a city you’ve visited, describing its notable features, your experiences there, and why you liked it.
  2. Describe a Beautiful Place You Have Been To: Here, you can talk about a scenic spot you’ve been to, highlighting its beauty, what you did there, and why it’s memorable for you.
  3. Describe a Memorable Trip: Share your experience of a trip that has left a strong impression on you, discussing the destination, activities, and what made it memorable.

By practicing such topics, you can develop your skills in painting a vivid picture with words, creating an engaging narrative, and effectively communicating your thoughts and ideas.

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