Describe a house or an apartment you would like to live in : IELTS Speaking Part 2 / IELTS Cue Answer

Describe a house or an apartment you would like to live in | IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Answer
Describe a house or an apartment you would like to live in. 
You should say:
what it would look like
how big it would be
where it would be located and
explain why you would like to live there.

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Sample Response 1:

The house I would like to live in would be a blend of traditional architecture with modern amenities. It would be a spacious, single-story house with three bedrooms, a study, and a large, open-plan living area that integrates the kitchen, dining, and living room.

I imagine it being surrounded by lush gardens and mature trees, offering both beauty and privacy. The house would be located in the suburbs, far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city but still convenient for work and social life.

What draws me to this house is the connection to nature and the sense of tranquility it offers. I’ve always believed in a balanced lifestyle, and this house represents the harmony of simplicity, elegance, and comfort that resonates with my personality.

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Sample Response 2:

My dream apartment would be a high-rise penthouse with an ocean view. It would have two bedrooms, a home office, a sleek modern kitchen, and a wide balcony overlooking the sea.

The apartment would be located in a vibrant coastal city, where I could enjoy both urban life and the refreshing proximity to the beach. The building itself would offer amenities like a gym, swimming pool, and 24-hour security.

I’d love to live in this apartment because of its inspiring views and convenient location. The thought of waking up to the sound of waves and having a cup of coffee on the balcony feels like the perfect start to any day. It represents luxury, style, and a close connection to nature.

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Sample Response 3:

I would like to live in a small, eco-friendly house built with sustainable materials. It would be a cozy two-bedroom home with solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and a vegetable garden.

This house would be located in a small town surrounded by forests and mountains, allowing me to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and biking. The community would be close-knit, fostering a sense of connection and shared values.

I am drawn to this house because it aligns with my commitment to environmental stewardship. Living in a place that minimizes my ecological footprint and enables a simple, meaningful lifestyle would be incredibly fulfilling.

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Recommended Vocabulary:

  1. Blend: A mixture of different things or styles.
    • Example: The house is a perfect blend of traditional and modern architecture.
  2. Open-plan: Denoting an architectural design in which rooms or areas are not closed off by walls.
    • Example: The open-plan living area makes the space feel more connected and inviting.
  3. Tranquility: The quality of being calm and peaceful.
    • Example: The house’s garden provides a sense of tranquility and connection to nature.
  4. Penthouse: An apartment on the top floor of a tall building.
    • Example: The penthouse offers breathtaking ocean views from its wide balcony.
  5. Proximity: Nearness in space, time, or relationship.
    • Example: The apartment’s proximity to the beach makes it a desirable place to live.
  6. Eco-friendly: Not harmful to the environment.
    • Example: I dream of living in an eco-friendly house that utilizes sustainable materials and energy sources.
  7. Sustainable: Capable of being continued over the long term without harming the environment.
    • Example: The house is built with sustainable practices, including solar panels and rainwater harvesting.
  8. Close-knit: Closely integrated and bound in love or friendship.
    • Example: Living in a small, close-knit community fosters a strong sense of connection and support.
  9. Environmental stewardship: The responsible use and protection of the natural environment through sustainable practices.
    • Example: The eco-friendly house represents my commitment to environmental stewardship.
  10. Ecological footprint: A measure of the environmental impact of a person or community.
    • Example: Living in this house would minimize my ecological footprint, aligning with my values.

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