Speaking Part 1 – Food

In this post, you will see one of the most common IELTS speaking topics (food) and sample answers.

Please remember that in the actual test you should give honest answers and talk about your own experiences, thoughts, feelings and opinions. Do not try to memorise answers, as the examiners will probably be able to guess and you will lose marks.

However, you are able to make up information to extend your answers, but be sure that you are confident when speaking about the chosen topic and that it is believable.

TIP >> Each answer should be at least 2-3 sentences long.

TIP >> Listen carefully to the question so that you answer in the correct tense. 

TIP >> When answering a yes/no question – answer then give your reasons for your answer. You must extend your answer to gain more marks. 

TIP >> Just relax and think of it as a regular conversation you are having, make eye contact and be positive. 

Take a look at the questions and sample answers below on the topic of ‘food‘ >>

Q: Is food important to you? (Why?)

A: Yes, I like to cook and to use fresh vegetables and try to get everything as organic as possible. I also like to eat no gluten whenever possible, no soy or dairy. eating clean is important for my health and overall well-being. 

Q: What kinds of food do you particularly like?

A: I really enjoy eating fresh fish, homegrown vegetables and fruits and on special occasions meat that comes from local farmers. I also enjoy fresh eggs from neighbours and family members.

Q: Is there any food you don’t like? (Why?)

A: I don’t like processed food because it is really bad for my body. After having a particular diet, eating processed food does not agree with my body and can make me feel unwell. I also avoid dairy because I have an intolerance.

Q: What kinds of food are most popular in your country?

A: Fresh home grown vegetables, fruits and meat are part of the staple diet here in Greece. Particular dishes, such as kokinisto – beef cooked in a red wine sauce is popular, along with other signature dishes. Of course, a Greek salad is mandatory as well as a lot of olive oil in everything! 

Q: Do you like cooking? (Why?/Why not?)

A: Yes, I really like to cook and since moving to Greece I have become a much better cook. I regularly cook Greek food, from various pies, meat dishes and fish to sweets and desserts. I was taught some traditional recipes and methods from my mother in law. 

Q: Who usually does the cooking in your home?

A: I normally cook and look for recipe ideas online and in books. I like to experiment and make a variety of dishes, even though my husband has a preference for mostly Greek food. 

Q: Do you like chocolate?

A: yes, but I can only eat very dark chocolate or chocolate that is free from dairy and gluten. 

Q: Did you like chocolate as a child?

A: Of course! Until I discovered I had a lactose intolerance, then I cut it out of my diet as it was making me ill. The ‘free from’ options are great, as I can enjoy chocolate without dairy or gluten. 

Q: Do you think most people like chocolate? Why?

A: Yes, as it is a lovely sweet treat. Chocolate can give you a sugar high and of course, it tastes delicious. There is nothing better than selecting chocolates and treating yourself after a long day or as a celebration. People enjoy it as a way of treating themselves.

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