Speaking Part 1 – Your Home

In this post, you will see one of the most common IELTS speaking topics (your home) and sample answers.

Please remember that in the actual test you should give honest answers and talk about your own experiences, thoughts, feelings and opinions. Do not try to memorise answers, as the examiners will probably be able to guess and you will lose marks.

However, you are able to make up information to extend your answers, but be sure that you are confident when speaking about the chosen topic and that it is believable.

TIP >> Each answer should be at least 2-3 sentences long.

TIP >> Listen carefully to the question so that you answer in the correct tense. 

TIP >> When answering a yes/no question – answer then give your reasons for your answer. You must extend your answer to gain more marks. 

TIP >> Just relax and think of it as a regular conversation you are having, make eye contact and be positive. 

Take a look at the questions and sample answers below on the topic of ‘your home‘ >>

To practice with past questions, please look at Speaking Part 2 in more detail.

Your home questions and answers

Q: Do you live in a house or a flat?

A: I currently live in a house with three bedrooms, a bathroom and an open living space, with a dining area and kitchen. It also has a large yard at the front of the house and a large veranda at the back of the house, which has great views. 

Q: Do you like your house?

A: Very much! The house itself is very spacious for us and is in a good spot. I have my own office space and plenty of room still for all the family. Built on top of another house it has a high position, with great views of the town and even a sea view. 

Q: Why do you like it?

A: Not only because it is very spacious, but because of its location. It is situated in a village on the outskirts of town, with a bus stop just metres away, which is convenient because I don’t always have the car. There is also a small supermarket less than 5 minutes walk from the house. 

Q: How do you expect your future house to be and why?

A: In the future, we plan on building our own property to our uniquely designed specifications. With at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, it would also have a large open plan living room/dining area, with a built in kitchen area. The outside would have a garden, patio, and car port.

Q: Do you like visitors coming to your home?

A: Definitely! I love it when people come to stay with us. We like to show them around the island and to visit the best spots for swimming. We also know where to take them for the best coffee in town and of course where the best places to eat are. 

Q: Do you prefer to have friends visit you, or relatives?

A: I prefer to have family members staying with us, as we don’t get to see any of them very often. We try to visit them as often as we can, and they come to us for holidays normally in the summer months, so they can enjoy the weather. 

Q: Do you often invite friends to visit your home?

A: yes, I have friends over most weekends. They come over for food and drinks on Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons. We often have Greek style barbeques, with plenty of food and more people than we can fit into our yard. 

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